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Since 2017 HDi have been on a mission to improve the depth and accuracy of insight for the UK food and drinks sectors. We help our clients benchmark, understand and improve their performance, and we help them make better informed property investment decisions. We pride ourselves on the depth of our sector experience and knowledge as well as the quality of our client relationships. We help.

We specialise in the following:

Customer Behaviour and Profiling
Spending patterns and customer profile within individual venues, between brands and across channels
Market and Operator Performance
Spending patterns by venue, by neighbourhood, type of location, brand or online
Product and Category Insights
Dishes and drinks product pricing data, distribution tracking and sales performance

Meet the HDi team

Darroch Bagshaw

Managing Director

Hobby: Running through the Scottish hills, Darlington FC
Superpower: Spends majority of life on a train

Rob Thursfield

Operations Director

Hobby: Dog walking, DIY, going to the pub
Superpower: Running very fast for very short distances

Tommy Williamson

IT Director

Hobby: Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
Superpower: Ability to completely ignore my age and act like a teenager

Ben Wooler

Head of Analytics

Hobby: Climbing, especially in the eastern peak district
Superpower: Finding a reason for a trip to B&Q or Screwfix

Helene Robinson

Insights Manager

Hobbies: Eating and cooking, holidaying in the sunshine and running
Superpower: Innate ability to binge watch TV series – once finishing 22 episodes in just 1 day

Tim Balcombe

Tech Ops Lead

Hobbies: Music, gigs and festivals
Superpower: Can sense the imminent arrival of takeaway delivery drivers

Tom Freeman

Lead Platform Developer

Hobbies: Food and travel
Superpower: Iron stomach… will try eating anything, unless it’s spicy

Vishnupriya K P

SQL Developer

Hobbies: Marathon running and travelling
Superpower: Can sleep more than 12 hours during a nap

Luigi Creazzo

Insights Manager

Hobbies: Passionate AS Roma supporter, keen walker of the Scottish forests and beaches, wannabe writer
Superpower: Currently able to have a conversation with about 2.25 billion people in the world

Will Hall

Head of Development

Hobbies: Ultrarunning and UltraTriathlon
Superpower: Can eat 4000 calories in a single sitting at McDonalds

Sally Brown

Senior Developer

Hobbies: DIY, pub sheds
Superpower: Master of the circular saw

Jon Lees

Senior Developer

Hobbies: DIY home improvement
Superpower: Banging a few nails into some wood since 1990

Jack Hill

Data Administrator

Hobbies: Playing guitar, running and writing a bit of Python
Superpower: Breaking and fixing my PC on a near-daily basis

Dan Wyles

Business Analyst

Hobbies: : Long walks, football and travelling
Superpower: Ability to get a good night’s sleep anywhere, including airport floors

Tahira Jamil

Business Analyst

Hobbies: : Music & driving – preferably at the same time
Superpower: Tripping over flat ground

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